Steve Millard, your hunting host and guide.

With close to 40 years of experience hunting deer and other game throughout his lifetime, Steve Millard is a perfect guide for any hunter seeking the thrill of a successful New Zealand deer hunt. Steve's knowledge of the land, game and gear ensures you'll have the best possible chance of bringing home a trophy you can be proud of.


His practical, down to earth approach to hunting has given him a proven track record hunting in the mountains, bush and lowlands throughout New Zealand. His guiding experience at Hollyburn Deer Park has given him a unique skillset when it comes to tracking, dealing with tough terrain and pulling off a successful hunt. If bow hunting is your passion, Steve will skill you up to what is needed for a successful bow hunt.

Steve will have you experiencing your hunting dream on our private land where there is no need for tags or permits – it's just you, the bush, and the animals. Here you will have exclusive use of the land without being bothered by other hunters.

Stephen is a member of the Safari Club International and has been involved in Mountain Search and Rescue.

2012 saw Hollyburn Trophy Hunting combine with Clarence Valley to allow an extension of what we already offer in the form of the popular fair chase game estate for Red Stag (including fallow deer hunting) and now the free range big game hunting for Red Stag, Wapiti, Chamois and Tahr. Whichever hunting pursuit you choose we guarantee our undivided attention throughout your New Zealand hunting experience.

Steve and Shirley are renowned for successfully and safely catering both for individuals and multi-person hunting parties eg. husband & wife, father & son or a group of friends. A Clarence Valley hunt can be a great bonding experience between family, teammates or close friends.

Your hunting party will be picked up from the airport and transferred to the Valley where you will enjoy the hunting trip of a lifetime!