The Clarence Valley experiences a microclimate of its own, with temperatures ranging from 40°F upwards in the winter months to 70°F upwards in summer. Annual rainfall is approximately 1050ml and not restricted to any particular time of year.

What is the closest International Airport that I can fly to?
The closest international airport to Clarence Valley is Christchurch approx 2.5 hours travelling time.

You can choose to bring your own firearm(s) if you wish, however Clarence Valley can provide quality firearms and optics for you to use.

Do I need a permit to bring a firearm to New Zealand?
Yes, licences are issued by New Zealand Police at any airport entry into New Zealand (ie: Christchurch) for all sporting firearms, except handguns, which are illegal. The recommended rifle calibres for New Zealand are from 7mm to .300 magnums. There will always be a New Zealand Police officer available on arrival and he will tend to your needs. Your firearm licence, issued for a small fee, covers all of New Zealand.
Our guides will assist you to benchrest test your rifle, to be sure sight adjustments haven't altered during your international flight.

Recommended Clothing
Because you will be hunting in spectacular alpine country and cooler conditions, we recommend you bring warm winter clothing. Although our winters are sunny and dry, we can have clear, freezing mornings. We recommend you bring waterproof leather boots for use in alpine conditions. You should have a complete change of clothing available. Our lodge is equipped with laundry facilities.

What Distance Am I likely to be Shooting At?
Generally, shots are inside 200 metres

Will we be hunting with other hunters?
We hunt on our own private land, so the only hunters will be you or members of your hunting party.

How do I go about Organising a Taxidermist?
Clarence Valley will organise all your taxidermist requirements and export documents for you.

What Type of Meals Can I Expect at the Lodge?
Traditional home cooked meals