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World class private guided red deer trophy hunts

New Zealand Bow Hunting

Unique Bow Hunting in New Zealand 

You will experience tailored bow hunting in New Zealand on our private block of land. Our local guides will assist you on your hunt where you will test and improve your skills. We provide you with private access to our estate so you can hunt exclusively knowing there is no competition for your prized trophy.

Benefits of Bow Hunting 

Bow hunting offers you a wide range of health benefits including:
  • Develop muscles across your upper body and core as you draw and release the bow.
  • Increase your fitness as you explore and hunt across our expansive private estate. 
  • Improve your hand-eye coordination as you teach them to work together with a bow as well as improve your balance with the correct stance.

Clarence Valley Trophy Hunting 

We offer tailored hunting packages that meet your requests.
  • You will have comfortable lodging at our custom built accommodation.
  • Our guides are experienced and knowledgeable of the land ensuring that your hunting trip is successful.
  • Our one party policy means you don’t run the risk of seeing other hunters.

During your time with us, your hunting party will have sole use of our land and the undivided attention of our hunting guides.

Why You Should Use Clarence Valley Trophy Hunting

Our exclusive hunts have a high level of success ensuring you will take a trophy home. You can personalise a hunting trip to suit your requirements, from the number of days spent hunting to relaxing in our custom-built lodge with stunning views. Contact us today and start planning your unique bow hunting experience.