Beginners and Pros Alike Enjoy Deer Hunting on the Clarence River

If you think that deer hunting in the Clarence River area on private land that you have all to yourself sounds too good to be true, think again. Clarence Valley Trophy Hunting offers custom deer hunting packages for individuals and small groups including a professional guide, homey accommodation with incredible views, spa pool and delicious, home cooked meals. When you’re looking for the perfect spot for your hunting trip, let us help you put together the trip of a lifetime. 

Tips for Getting More Value Out of Clarence River Deer Hunting

If you’re new to deer hunting or want to hone your skills, keep the following tips in mind for the best possible outcome. 

• Keep scent to a minimum. Human odour spooks deer, so shower with scent-free soap and avoid contaminating your hunting clothes with strong human smells. One trick is to bag them with leaves and dirt from your hunting location to give them the same scent as the natural surroundings. 
• Protect your ammo. When you load a rifle in wet weather, cover the end of the barrel with a piece of electrical tape. This trick keeps moisture and debris out, and when it’s time to shoot, you can simply shoot through the tape. 
• Hunt with an experienced guide who knows the area very well. 
• There’s no such thing as too much concealment. Stay out of the open and take advantage of the natural habitat to keep the deer from seeing or smelling you. 

What Sets Clarence Valley Trophy Hunting Apart Regarding Clarence River Deer Hunting

At Clarence Valley Trophy Hunting, we’ve earned a reputation for delivering a spectacular guided deer hunting experience. We focus on the details that make your trip exceptional. A few of the things that make us stand out include:

• The highest level of safety. We take every precaution including providing an experienced guide to ensure that your adventure is not just thrilling, but also completely safe. 
• High success rates. We’ll do everything we can to help ensure that you take home the prize you want. 
• An authentic Kiwi experience. You’ll work with local professionals who know what they’re doing and do it with a friendly smile – just what people have come to expect from NZ. 
• Exclusive access to a private hunting park. You and your group will be the only hunters in the area, thanks to our “one hunting party at a time” policy that gives our guests a premium experience. 

There are many reasons why people choose Clarence Valley Trophy Hunting – discover them for yourself. 

Why Clarence River Deer Hunting Is Cost-Effective

When you go on a hunting trip, you accomplish several things at once: You enjoy the thrill of a great hunt, you bond with your hunting partners (whether they are a spouse, friend, co-workers, or family member), and you benefit from a relaxing holiday and a beautiful change of scenery. You enjoy all these advantages for the price of one lovely holiday, making hunting a cost-effective way to spend your time off. Contact Clarence Valley Trophy Hunting today to get started planning your perfect hunting trip.