Would You Like to Go Deer Hunting in Clarence Valley? We Can Help

If you love deer hunting, Clarence Valley is the place to go. Welcome to Clarence Valley Trophy Hunting, where we offer hunters exclusive use of our privately-owned land as part of their tailor-made hunting package. From Red Stag and Fallow Deer to Awapara rams and wild goats, we have something to offer hunters of all styles. Whether you prefer a rifle or a bow, we can accommodate your wishes. 

Problems Red Deer Hunting in Clarence Valley Addresses

Deer hunting is not just a fun, exciting challenge; it also has some natural benefits. For example:

  • The money that hunters spend on hunting activities, equipment, and licensing is good for the local economy. 
  • Many hunting dollars also end up supporting conservation and wildlife initiatives. 
  • Deer overpopulation causes numerous problems including upsetting sub-canopy and canopy dominance, declines in specific bird populations, increases in deer-related motor vehicle accidents, and more. 

The ecosystem is delicate and expanding deer populations have a significant impact on plant life, birds, and people. Ethical deer hunting is a healthy and beneficial activity. 

Tips Regarding Red Deer Hunting in Clarence Valley

Before you head out, you might want to brush up your deer hunting tips to maximise your chances of bringing home the trophy you want. Whether you are a beginner or not, keep the following tips fresh in your mind when hunting deer.

  • Eliminate your human scent. You probably know that deer have a keen sense of smell, but did you know that moving air acts just like water as it swirls and eddies around trees and other obstructions? Therefore, you must eliminate your scent with special shower kits as well as hunting apparel with scent-eliminating technology for the best results. 
  • Carry odour eliminator with you. As you perspire throughout the day, your scent will redevelop. Respray yourself regularly with a good odour eliminator, paying particular attention to your hat and hair. 
  • Experiment with attractant scents and decoys. Doe-in-oestrus scents work well during certain times; at other times, you’ll do better with a dominant buck scent. Calls and decoys also have their place in helping you attract the deer you want. Ask your guide about their recommendations and what measures they have already taken. 
  • Be patient. Deer hunting is a marathon, not a sprint. It’s a time to relax and practice patience – and it pays off. 

Why Trust Clarence Valley Trophy Hunters Regarding Deer Hunting in Clarence Valley

At Clarence Valley Trophy Hunters, we know deer hunting. We are passionate about all types of hunting, and we strive to share our passion with our guests, treating them to an exceptional hunting trip and an authentic, friendly Kiwi experience. We book only one hunting party at a time to ensure that each individual or small group receives undivided, personal attention and assistance throughout their stay. We cater to solo hunters, couples, families, co-workers, and other types of small groups, providing them with the trophy hunting excursion of a lifetime. Contact us today to learn more.