Private and Guided Deer Hunting in New Zealand 

We provide the ideal location and experience for deer hunting in New Zealand. Our seasoned guides will take you on a spectacular hunt through the beautiful landscape of Clarence Valley. Whether you hunt with a bow or rifle, we cater to a wide range of skill levels and offer our assistance throughout your entire adventure. 

Common Mistakes People Make with Deer Hunting in NZ

Get the most out of your hunting experience by avoiding these common rookie mistakes.

  • Wearing the wrong clothes for the conditions: It is essential that you wear suitable warm clothing to protect yourself from unexpected drops in temperatures that can occur in the bush. When you are comfortable and warm, you will be able to maximise your time hunting out on the land. We ensure that all our guests are adequately prepared before commencing a hunt.
  • Being impatient when you settle into a hunting spot: Our experienced guides know the land and where you will have success with a big game trophy. You can trust our hunters will patiently guide you through the property for an enjoyable and victorious experience. We know where the prime spots are on our private estate.
  • Hesitating when you have a clear shot: Our hunting experiences cater to various skills levels, and our knowledgeable guides will help you build confidence in a safe and professional environment. We have local knowledge of the land meaning we can tailor our trips to you and give the experience you require to improve your hunting skills.

Our exclusive hunting trips have a high success rate so you can go home with your own trophy.

Related Services We Provide to Red Deer Hunting in NZ 

We will give you a tailored hunting package that meets your requests.

  • Select a fair chase game estate hunt: This hunt is an ideal choice for mixed hunting parties, as it accommodates any fitness level and is suitable for rifle, bow or muzzleloader hunters. With this choice, you can select a hunt lasting between one and four days, and we have various trophies available. These prizes include Red Stag, Elk, Fallow Bucks, Wild New Zealand Goat and more. 
  • You can relax and unwind with our luxury accommodation: Our custom-built lodge is the ideal place to relax and regroup after a successful hunt. Whether your whole party goes on the hunting experience or some choose to do other activities, you can meet up at our idyllic accommodation with breathtaking surroundings and enjoy the peace and quiet in comfort. 
  • We will organise activities for those not participating in hunting: You can still bring your family to our private estate, and we will arrange alternative tourist activities for them while you hunt. Our beautiful surrounds offer whale watching, dolphin swimming, river rafting, outdoor scenic walks, local shopping and more. 

About Clarence Valley Trophy Hunting

We provide tailored hunting trips for small parties of various fitness and skill level. Our personalised packages provide a ‘Kiwi’ hunting experience with our seasoned guides who know the land and our successful hunting spots. Whether you come for a few days or a week, we guarantee that you will have sole use of our estate as well as access to our comfortable lodge accommodation and local culinary treats. Contact us today to book your tailored hunting expedition.