Our New Zealand Hunting Trips Offer Red Deer Trophy Hunts

Trophy hunting on our private estate is safe in the absence of multi-party hunting facilities. One hunting party at a time ensures the game is calm and not spooked by other hunters, allowing the hunter to be selective and unrushed. Small cosy groups such as parents and children are perfect for our setup.

The Importance of New Zealand Hunting Trips 

New Zealand offers an abundance of trophy game animals with the world-record size red stags being extremely popular. Our private estate also offers one of New Zealand’s most prestigious big game species, the Himalayan. In New Zealand, there are no natural predators for deer. Hunting aids in keeping deer quantities from increasing while supplying meat for venison and velvet from the deer antlers for medicinal purposes. Tahr can also be hunted in an exciting free range hunt.
  • Bow hunting: As a result of our single party policy, you are assured of undisturbed animals in the park, resulting in successfully securing the trophy animal of your choice.
  • Fair chase: This sportsmanlike, ethical and legal pursuit of free-ranging wild game animals, does not give the hunter an unfair advantage over the animal, this one to four-day hunt allows you to hunt, regardless of your level of fitness, using your rifle, bow or muzzleloader. These conditions provide the perfect hunt to involve the children or your wife. Choose available game from the fair chase trophy list. 
  • Free range: For this hunt, where animals are kept in their natural condition with freedom of movement, your level of fitness does impact on your chances of success. Generally, this longer hunt runs between five and seven days. You can use rifles, bows or muzzleloaders for hunting game from the free range trophy list. 

Related Services We Provide to Hunting Trips in NZ

Many of our guests come from afar or abroad. Optimising their experience includes taking care of the details so that they can focus on their primary goal.
  • Taxidermist: Once successfully hunted, we arrange for your trophy to go to taxidermy to ensure preservation. We take care of the mounting and/or stuffing of the animal, along with related export documentation and permits.
  • Meals: Traditional home cooking meals will nourish and fortify you after a long day in the bush.
  • Shuttle service: Part of our hospitality service includes a comfortable transfer to and from the airport to our lodge.

Why Choose Clarence Valley Trophy Hunting?

We are proud of our reputation, built on a long history of producing high calibre world class trophy Red Stags. Our tailor-made packages and undivided attention cater to the hunter’s needs while on hunting trips in NZ with Clarence Valley Trophy Hunting, where 40 years of experience in the field enables your greatest chance at success, with a comfortable retreat to return to after a long day in the bush. 
You must agree, an awful day hunting is still better than a good day at work, contact us and book your next hunting trip with Clarence Valley Trophy Hunting.