Enjoy Exclusive, Private New Zealand Hunting for Real Game

Make the most of your holidays and get in touch with nature in New Zealand hunting with Clarence Valley Trophy Hunting. Our hunting packages are designed to give you an excellent experience hunting in NZ, so take a moment and read on to discover how you can have the perfect getaway.

Tips for Getting More Value out of New Zealand Hunting Safaris

Our exclusive hunting packages balance hunting with comfortable surroundings that include:

  • Clarence Valley lodges far away from the noise and distraction of the city. Allow yourself to truly unwind with a fire in the hearth, beautiful views and no distractions. Our lodges are custom-built to provide the perfect complement to your hunting expeditions.
  • Kaikoura’s other attractions, like whale watching, river rafting and swimming with dolphins. You and your family can enjoy a hike through the beautiful, natural grounds. These activities are perfectly suited for those who want to join you on holiday but don’t hunt, so you can book a stay with us and still ensure that everyone has an enjoyable time. 
  • After a long day hunting, you can enjoy local culinary delights in the hunting lodge. Work up a hunger in the bush and come back to a quality meal, served hot and fresh, just for you.

Problems Clarence Valley Trophy Hunting Addresses 

Unlike other hunting opportunities, when you hunt on our private game lands, you’ll avoid some of the classic issues you can encounter on public land.

  • The hunting grounds will be all yours during your stay. You don’t need to worry about other hunters scaring away the game, nor do you need to worry about remaining visible for other hunters. As you have exclusive rights to the land when you’re here, you can get deeply in tune with nature. When you see the prize buck you’ve been waiting for, you won’t have to worry about anyone else taking the trophy kill.
  • Set your mind at ease about licensing and permits. On our land, you have freedom to hunt the way you like and win your trophy with patience and a steady shot. You can hunt with either a bow or rifle, so whichever is your preferred method, your hunt will be a success.
  • Because we limit visits to our game lands to just our visitors, one at a time, wild game thrives here. Unlike places that have experienced over-hunting, you can find Red Stag, Fallow Deer, and wild goats.

The hunting experience at Clarence Valley Trophy Hunting is unlike any other, so don’t miss out on this opportunity.

Why New Zealand Hunting Packages Are Cost Effective

You can enjoy the rare opportunity to be the exclusive hunter in a beautiful stretch of land teeming with life. Our guides will help you find the areas you’re looking for and use their expert knowledge to assist however you need. You can make the most of your holiday solo or with family, and you’re certain to have a revitalising time. Contact us to learn more about our hunting packages.