Book Your Vacation for a Red Stag Hunt in Clarence Valley New Zealand

If you are looking for an exciting and unique vacation, a red stag hunt in the Clarence Valley of New Zealand is where it’s at for you. Gorgeous landscapes, the thrill of the hunt and tracking down an impressive souvenir are on the agenda when you book your next expedition with us. 

What You Can Expect from Us When for Red Stag Hunting in the Clarence Valley

Once you have booked your stay, go ahead and start counting the days, because this will truly be an unforgettable getaway.  

  • Stunning Vistas: With views of the Clarence River, the seaward Kaikoura mountain range and the Kaikoura coast, you will be taking in the relentless beauty of the region from the moment you wake up until the sun sets on another amazing day. 
  • First Rate Hospitality: While hunting for Red Stag near the Clarence River hospitality is the first order of business, this is by no means an austere excursion. Our beautiful lodge offers all of the comforts of home with large windows for taking in the scenery, and a large deck for you to enjoy glassing the hills for animals. Browse our accommodation page to see the lodge for yourself. 
  • World Class Hunting: An experienced and dedicated guide and exclusive hunting rights in our private hunting park mean you will have the best possible experience hunting red stag in the Clarence River Valley. If it’s another species you are interested in, let us know. Red Stags are among several free-range big game animals roaming the valley. 

The Importance of Red Stag Hunting in the Clarence Valley

New Zealand’s non-native Red Stags have a fascinating history that makes it an ideal game animal.

  • Non-Native: Red Stags are not native to New Zealand; they were imported by European settlers in the 19th century for food and sport. Before their introduction to the islands, the only mammal species inhabiting New Zealand were bats and seals. 
  • No Natural Predator: Because Red Stags are not native, they have no natural predators in New Zealand. Issues with their flourishing population have at times caused an imbalance in their habitat. Keeping the population under control is useful in maintaining a natural balance. It also makes trophy hunting a more bountiful experience.  
  • Majestic Beasts: Red Stags are classified as deer, but they look more like American Elk. They are between 175 - 250 cm long and weigh 160 - 240 kg. They have huge, impressive antlers that grow about 2.5cm a day. They grow thick fur and neck manes during autumn to keep them warm through the winter. 

Why Choose Clarence Valley Trophy Hunting? 

Whether you are planning the perfect gift for your favourite outdoorsman, looking for an unforgettable getaway with your spouse or searching for the ideal father-son bonding experience, we can make it happen. Great food, excellent company, gorgeous surroundings and the undeniable thrill of hunting large game in the Clarence Valley are the formula for your next perfect vacation. Give us a call or shoot us an email when you are ready to hunt with us.