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World class private guided red deer trophy hunts

New Zealand Red Stag Hunt

Take Part in New Zealand Red Stag Hunt at Clarence Valley Trophy Hunting 

If you are looking for an experience, you will never forget, consider a trip to Clarence Valley Trophy Hunting for a New Zealand red stag hunt. Our incredible property and comfortable accommodations are fantastic for a hunter of any calibre. 

Tips for Getting More Value Out of Our New Zealand Red Stag Hunting Packages 

We want you to get the most out of your time on our hunting grounds. When you are scheduling your time with us, be sure to keep the following advice in mind: 
  • Pack weather appropriate clothing: The prime season for booking one of our New Zealand red stag hunting packages is between April and May, however, the season runs from the end of March until the beginning of August. We suggest that you wear warm winter clothing as temperatures, especially in the morning, can be very cold. 
  • Plan to stay for a few days: We strive to offer you a way to get away from the usual chaos of everyday life. Our accommodation is perfect for extended stays, so you not only relish a New Zealand stag hunt, but the tranquillity around you. 
  • Taxidermist guidance: Showing off your trophy is part of the experience of being a hunter. We provide you with the requirements and paperwork to correctly export the fruits of your expedition. 

What Sets Clarence Valley Trophy Hunting Apart Regarding a New Zealand Stag Hunt 

We endeavour to be a name that you remember for red stag hunting in NZ. You can always expect the following when you book your excursion with us: 
  • Use the firearm that you feel comfortable with: We do not restrict the type of weapon that you want to use during your hunt. If a rifle is your weapon of choice, the recommended calibre is from 7mm to .300 magnums. Keep in mind that we have an array of firearms available for use as well. Ask a member of our team about our selection. 
  • Private hunting parties: You never need to worry about an influx of hunters while you are red stag hunting in NZ when you choose to come to our park. We allow only one hunting party on our property at any given time to ensure you receive personalised attention and exclusive access to the land. 
  • Activities in town for non-hunters: If there are members of your group that do not want to take part in the hunt, there is an abundance of activities in nearby Kaikoura to explore. From dolphin swimming to wine tasting, there are plenty of things to do to keep every person of your party entertained. 

Why Trust Clarence Valley Trophy Hunting Regarding Red Stag Hunting in NZ 

Clarence Valley Trophy Hunting strives to create a unique environment with our memorable New Zealand red stag hunting packages. Our friendly customer service team is available to address any questions or concerns you have to ensure your stay with us is relaxing and comfortable. 
Use our convenient contact page to book your hunt.