Make the Most of Your Holiday by Trophy Hunting in NZ

If you’re an experienced hunter, you should be aware of one of the best opportunities for trophy hunting in NZ. Clarence Valley Trophy Hunting offers a unique chance to fit in quality hunting time on lands that are reserved exclusively for your access and hunting. Our packages give you an unequalled chance to hunt and take home a trophy by which to remember the time.

Benefits of Trophy Hunting in NZ

Our lodges and lands provide an excellent experience, both during the hunt and when you relax.

  • When you book a hunting package or safari with us, you will have exclusive access to the lands while you hunt. Never worry about someone else stealing your buck or scaring away prey through sloppiness. During your stay, it’ll be just you and the game.
  • While Clarence Valley Trophy Hunting has a selection of firearms available with which you may hunt, you are also welcome to bring your own firearm. Many hunters are most comfortable with their own equipment, but if you’re travelling from outside the country, acquire a New Zealand firearm permit for your stay and then we will provide the rest.
  • You don’t need to worry about arranging your own taxidermy. Our staff knows the best resources for that locally, so we can assist you with booking their services so you can bring home the trophy you earn.

Tips for Getting More Value out of Trophy Hunting in New Zealand

We strive to make it easy for you to have an invigorating, fruitful time hunting, but there are several ways you can prepare and enhance your stay:

  • We offer the use of our well-trained guides, each of whom are intimately familiar with the terrain and the animals on our land. Engage their assistance to get the tips needed to have efficient hunts and their help to locate the game you seek.
  • While we often host father-and-son or couples hunting groups, many other groups include children or friends who come along but don’t hunt. There are numerous activities nearby to keep them entertained, including river rafting, hiking and swimming with the local aquatic life. After you’re done hunting for the day, reconnect with everyone over a delicious, traditional-style meal.
  • Recognise the climate you’ll be hunting in and dress appropriately. The air can get quite chilly, especially during the winter, so plan gear and clothing for alpine and other chilly conditions. This can help improve your patience and the steadiness of your shot while you’re hunting.

Why Choose Clarence Valley Trophy Hunting?

With everything laid out for you and your hunting party, the benefits of Clarence Valley Trophy Hunting are clear. Your private access to the grounds ensures that you can hunt on your terms and helps you find the game you’re looking for. Let your friends and family come along and either join you for the hunt or stay entertained with the local attractions. Contact us to learn about our hunting packages and see why you should book your next holiday at Clarence Valley.